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A bit  of me:

My most vivid childhood memories all involve food--some happy, some challenging.


I loved spending time with my grandma in the kitchen, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells that came together in all her delicious creations. She gave me an early appreciation for the ways cultural nuances inspire various flavors and through food, taught me about my Panamanian heritage. To this day, I keep some of her pots and pans in my own kitchen and when I get lost in the art of cooking--I feel her with me.


I love cooking and I love food--I always have. In fact, my first word was "cookie", but there was a time I was actually embarrassed to admit that. At a point in my life, I experienced great shame and sadness because I was overweight. However, knowing what I know now--I embrace this experience; I honor it because without it, I would not be who I am today. Today, I understand that being overweight is the same thing as having a headache; having anxiety, joint pain, indigestion--the list goes on... These are signs from our body that something is not in balance internally and it is manifesting into an identifiable symptom--it is our body's way of saying, "Hey, you--pay attention!" There is no shame in this....The only shame is going through life ignoring these messages and succumbing to the belief that its just the way it is.


My own health challenges have transpired to motivate and inspire me to find this passion and compassion I have to help others overcome their own struggles. I truly believe, with every fiber of my being, that we have the ability to heal ourselves, as well as prevent so many of the chronic diseases that are unnecessarily taking the lives of our loved ones every day.

I am blessed to have found a profession that lets me do all the things that I love--and mostly provides me an opportunity to help people create a positive relationship with food and guide them along their journey to wellness.


Food is medicine...Real food is medicine. 


Today our bodies are overwhelmed by artificial substances, chemicals, and stressors that are contributing to the epidemics of disease sweeping through our nation: Obesity, Diabetes, Autoimmune disease...the list goes on. The one thing we have great control over is the food we put in our mouths and I am dedicated to helping you sift through the misinformation and find substance and healing--to find health and happiness.

There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition and there is most definitely no magic weight loss pill or quick fix that will provide lasting results. Diets do work--while you follow them but if you revert to old habits, you will see old results.  I want to help you design a diet that you love and that your body loves.


My goal is to help you create a way of eating that becomes a part of your life--one that meets your needs, your wants--one that tastes good and keeps you healthy. IT IS POSSIBLE!



My nutrition business, The Fare Square offers face-to-face consults if you are in the Blaine/Bellingham area, and secure interactive web consults no matter where you are!


I am open to even meet you at your doctor's office--as long as you are committed, we will find a way to connect! Contact me regarding any questions or comments you have. I invite you to explore my webpage (a work in progress) to learn more about my nutrition philosophy or how to connect with me. Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook @thefaresquare. I am looking forward to helping you live your best life.

Goodness in, greatness out-

and always well wishes,



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