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 The Fare Square,  defined.



Like sustenance, nourishment, and chow--fare is simply another word for food.

Say farewell to unhealthy foods and habits and implement new habits that enable you to fare well in your happy and healthy life.

I will help you say goodbye to any unhealthy habits getting in the way of becoming your healthiest self. Whatever your health and wellness goals are, I will provide you with the knowledge, motivation and support necessary to achieve them.




A point at which two or more open roads intersect is often referred to as a square--

a symbolic shape representing equality, strength and balance bound by its four equal sides.


Let us not forget the old saying, “three squares a day” an old expression implying nutritional adequacy.


The four sides of a square represent fundamental elements in my nutrition philosophy:






The Fare Square is where you'll get to the root of your health challenges, and find personalized wellness solutions specific to your needs. Even if you aren't sure of your needs,

I am very much looking forward to helping you figure it out!!


Goodness In, Greatness Out.


F-ood (nourishment) 

A-ctivity (movement and physical activity)

R-elationships (with yourself, others, and the environment)

E-nvironment (toxins, living conditions, stress, external factors affecting your internal balance)



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